May 6-10, 2021Xiamen, China

Exhibitor CenterRegulations

*Exhibition qualification

1. Xiamen Jinhongxin Exhibition Co., Ltd is the host of Xiamen Flower & Garden Fair, takes charge of all the matters of exhibition.

All the application forms will only be effective after the exhibitor received our confirmation.

2. Organizing Committee has the rights to pick exhibitors. Exhibitors will only be entitled after received our written authorization,though you have made full payment.

3. Exhibition space is just for business promotion during the exhibition. The way you set up your booth and use the booth should meet the organization committee's requirements. Otherwise, we have rights to clean up the booth, and the costs would be paid by the exhibitor. No exhibitors shall claim back the rent nor other expenses, except as otherwise expressly provided in the Contract.  

4. All the exhibits must comply with Chinese law. Fake, poor quality and illegal commodities cannot be displayed in the exhibition.



1. Exhibitors must pay the deposit on time. Otherwise, the reserved booth will be cancelled.

2. Exhibitors must remit the full payment in time. Otherwise, the reservation shall be deemed abandoned, the deposit will not be returned.

3. After the exhibitors paid the deposit or the full balance, if you quit the exhibition for any reason, the payment will not be returned.

Unless the organizing committee cancel the exhibition. 

4. The organizing committee has the right to refuse the entry of exhibitors, or detain the exhibitors until all costs are paid in full.  


*Space Allocation

1. Exhibitors should be cooperative and aware of the fact that the organizing committee has the right to rearrange the booth according to the practical needs.  

2. The booth is rented by the exhibitors themselves. It cannot be transferred nor shared with the third party. Organizing committee has the right to take back offender's booth, and regards it as an important reference factor for the application next year. 

3. If exhibitors transfer or share the booth with others to sale irrelevant products which might affected Landscape Fair's image. Organizing committee has the right

to take the booth back, and hold responsible for violation. The exhibitors will be disqualified without any advanced notice, as well.


1. All of the exhibitors must comply with the laws and regulations of the PRC. Spreading rumors which might undermine China's interests or social stability is strictly prohibited. Once discovered, the case would be sternly dealt with the relevant laws and regulations.

2. Using religion for activities which might interfere with Chinese state system is strictly prohibited. Once discovered, the case would be sternly dealt with the relevant laws and regulations.

3. Exhibitors can only hand out their company's leaflet. Otherwise, organizing committee has the right to confiscate the leaflet or cancel their qualification.

4. Exhibitors can only hand out the leaflet about our Landscape Fair. Otherwise, organizing committee will cancel their qualification immediately, pursue the responsibility of the personnel concerned severely, and claim for damages as well.

5. In deference to the monks and vegetarians, please do not bring meat-food into our halls. Meat-diet can only be eaten at basement restaurant in the lobby.


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