May 12-16, 2022Xiamen, China

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Booth Information

*Booth costs

1. Standard Booth:

Overseas Enterprise: USD 1,200/ 9㎡

Notes: Each standard booth is equipped with 3 panel walls, 1 table, 2 chairs, 2 spot lights, 15A/220V socket, 1 waste basket, 1 facial board with exhibitor's name (both in Chinese and English)

2.Raw Space

Overseas Enterprise: USD 120/㎡, minimum 36㎡

*Advertising costs

1. Insert of OFFCIAL CATALOGUE 6000RMB/per page

2. Outdoor plaza 8000RMB(Size:9m*4m)

*Application Procedures

1. Qualification Check Before Application, exhibitor Shell Scheme should hand in the business license, website, product information, contact information to for qualification check.

2. Booth Confirmation Review the Floor Plan and select a preferred booth locations.

3. Contract Signing After filling in the Space Application Form and stamping it with authoritative seal, please fax or mail it to the organizing committee.

4. Payment Terms Remit 50% of the total space cost as down payment within 3 working days. Exhibitors shall pay up before March 15, 2021. The booth will not be reserved without receipt of relevant costs.

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